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the body: a home for love is a community-based 501(c)3 shifting culture around how black women heal from sexual trauma. Through wellness, art and storytelling, we empower survivors to reclaim their narrative and sustain the ongoing work of self-love and restoration. We believe that black women are worth, and because of that, we are committed to helping black women heal through joy.

We believe that marginalized communities are worthy of gathering and healing in beautifully designed spaces, and with that in mind, we prioritize spatial design and aesthetics because oftentimes poor people aren’t invited to pretty places. We believe that healing should come at no cost to those who are impacted by trauma, especially those who are marginalized and negatively impacted by capitalism. We believe that healing and restorative programming should be accessible. We believe in pouring into our community with all that we have. We believe in prioritizing the healing of black women because oftentimes our experiences are not seen as important enough to address. We believe that our stories deserve to be heard, we deserve a listening ear. And we, too are worth of protection and validity.

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