Start your campaign with Toestees

It's as easy as one, two, three

A customized Toestees sock for your company or organization offers a campaign opportunity to both build engagement and strengthen community involvement.

Design your product

Pick your partner

Do more

1. Design your product

Customize your socks:

We help our partners select a design that embodies their culture and values

Co-develop products that are truly unique:

From color and pattern to custom artwork, tailor the design to represent your organization

Create apparel employees are proud to wear:

We help partners create a coalition centered around culture building and community impact

2. Pick your partner

Select a cause:

We help you connect to the causes you care about

Explore partnerships:

We help our partners find a non-profit that best serves the cause, from a local to global level, using our network

Designate your partner:

We help coordinate the partnership to kick off your campaign, where proceeds will be donated

3. Do more

Spread the news:

Start sharing your campaign with colleagues, members, family and friends

Strengthen the community:

Wear your socks, take pride in your company and promote change by discussing the impact in your network

Make an impact:

Donate your campaign proceeds (50% of profits) to your designated partner and enable meaningful change in the causes you care about